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number two

For our second issue, we asked our contributors to respond to five zines or art/books with this theme in mind:

What are your sensitivities?

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Where you exist
Wanda Diep responds to Ellen Bae’s zine, Korean Spa (self-published, 2018)

from Fifty Times You Leave Your Lover
Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross responds to Mira Dayal’s artist book, Hair Biography (self-published, 2019)

Eric Jackson responds to Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s artbook, wild wild Wild West & Haunting of the Seahorse (Capricious, 2020)

If by Chorus We Might Mean
Loving Responders (Margaret Blaney, Kate Duffy, Sebastian Vander Ploeg Fallon, Max Felland, Carsten Finholt, Anna Klein, Chris Martin, [Redacted] Maxwell, Rachel Miller, Chisom Oguh, Rehana Naik Olson, Emma Paltrow, Grace Ronan, and Henry Sottrel) respond to Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves‘s pamphlet, Of Forests & of Farms: On Faculty and Failure (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2020)

Homework: Conversation Questions for an ESL Classroom
Moncho Alvarado responds to Caroline Hu’s zine, Defense Mechanisms (self-published, 2019)

number one

For our first issue, we asked our contributors to respond to five zines or art/books with this question in mind:

How do we love ourselves when our time is always blurring the line of our ancestors and our future selves?

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Dear Daughters: Remember
Christina Tran responds to Elise Bernal’s zine, Loss And Found: a zine about caretaking, loss, grief, — for support, resources, stories (2018-2019)

Anita N. Bateman responds to Becci Davis’s collection of sculptures, Collard Archive of Modern History (2016)

Joshua Escobar responds to Sunny Leerasanthanah’s photobook, Homes Against Tides (2018)

Keeper of the Seeds
Abbey Meaker responds to Pohan Amanda Turner’s artist book, Maize Meditations (2018)

To my father,
Miriam Geiger responds to Hannah Altman’s monograph, Kavana (2020)