Joshua Escobar writes a poem in response to Sunny Leerasanthanah’s photobook, Homes Against Tides (2018).


Honduran bananas in a red bin

Imagine their algorithm

A loose dog causes traffic

Making out on a roof in Veracruz

A wood garage door painted evening green

Men between 30 and 50 fabricating metal in Moreno Valley

Patterns and clothes painted by fresh art students

Light up sculptures of the Three Magi

Migrants living under beige tarps

Futurity negativity and reality

A school library with magazines and computers

Specifications determined by global investors

The number of times the definition for city changes

Damp earth at a monster truck rally

Dying knowing as much as we can

Of the continent beneath us

The fixations of the rich and the fixation of

Sloping Roads and rose colored clothing

Bruise pretend and confidence

The morning sun intensifies

The studies of dreamy ambivalence

React pay and confuse

A day with no laws

Under a portico

January 27th, 1962

Childhood's lasting spin

Ramping pains of losing someone young

Whose small mistakes you prize

No day is the same

When you are twenty or forty

In hell

In cinema

In Johannesburg

In the south of Thailand

Raves are thrown

By an ancestor's

Fruity Mexican gardeners

Who want

Mazes to carefully

Replicate hazelnuts

And computer chips mud

And modern art before

And after sand bubbler crabs making smoke bombs and catacombs with Indo-Pacific sand

Work crowds disassembling on sidewalks

Around Milpas between 2 and 4

Joshua Escobar

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